Photographs for Art

As I work from photographs, it is important to choose your reference photos carefully. Does the photo represent your pet well? Do you like the pose your pet is in? If I have not met your pet in person, I can only work from what I can see in your photos so ensure it is a photo that you would like to have immortalised on paper!

Unfortunately I cannot use photographs taken by professional photographers unless I am given written permission from the photographer to use them.


The best photographs have a high resolution and good focus to allow me to see the detail I require. Photos taken outside in natural light, from the level of the pet are ideal. Many cameras/lenses distort the proportions if you are too close to the subject, so step back a bit to avoid huge noses!
Avoid using a flash if possible as it can bleach out the colours, and try to ensure body parts such as ears have not been cut out of the frame.


If you send me several photographs, I can take a look through them and we can decide together on that perfect reference photo!



Example of a good reference photo
A good level of detail