Acrylic Paintings

I am happy to introduce acrylic paintings as a more recent addition to my body of work. As always I work from your photographs, although if you live locally to me in Cheshire, UK I may be able to do a photoshoot for you to gain the necessary reference photos. 

These portraits are painted using quality acrylic paints on either premium cotton canvas board, artists gesso board, or quality acid-free paper. We can discuss the options before deciding on a surface.
Canvas and board paintings start at 8×10″ in size. The painting fills the canvas and a simple background is included. These paintings are provided varnished and unframed.
Paper paintings start at 6×8″ in size. A simple background is included. Paper provides a different finish and allows for more fine detail than canvas. These paintings may be provided mounted if desired.

I ask for a 50% deposit in advance to secure your place on my waiting list, and the remainder of the payment is due upon completion of the portrait. Please contact me prior to making an order so that I can find out what you want and we can look through photographs and decide on that perfect reference photo! I don’t take deposits until we have decided on a reference photograph.

Prices start from £115


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Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with me you agree to the following:


1. ​All deposits are non-refundable. Upon paying the deposit is it expected that you have familiarised yourself with the artists style and you have accepted that your portrait will be completed in this style. In placing a deposit you are accepting that the artist will try and represent your animal to the best of their ability with the use of the photographs provided. 
2. The artist owns the copyright on all drawings and commissions. Please refrain from reproducing the drawing or altering it in any way without permission beforehand.
3. Portraits will only be dispatched once full payment is received
4. The artist will try to ensure you are happy with your finished portrait, but will not be able to accept responsibility for any elements which should have been declared upon placing the order (such as exclusion of collars etc).