About RedPictus

The person behind the art


The artist behind RedPictus Designs is Bek Stobbart, an animal lover from the south-west of England. Bek shares a home with her own and her partner’s dogs, two cats, and various other animals including snakes, tropical fish, and a gecko!

I have been drawing and creating art from a very early age, and animals (particuarly dogs!) have always been my favoured subjects. Over the years I have dabbled with drawing pencil portraits of dogs and the occasional digital art piece, but I began working with polymer clay in 2014 and that’s where RedPictus was born. I have a degree in animal science and I feel that my knowledge of anatomy really helped me to capture the distinctive body shapes of each dog breed and each individual. I have a good eye for shape and detail and I pride myself on my ability to capture the essence of a breed in my models despite their small size.

Although RedPictus Designs was founded on these polymer clay models, I quickly progressed to working with other mediums – first coloured pencil, then pastel pencil, and now I’ve started working in acrylic paints and even acrylic inks! Now I no longer work in polymer clay and focus more on my drawing and painting.

After attending an animal art exhibition in 2018 I felt really inspired to do more art and really push myself further. I went on to exhibit my work with the Association of Animal Artists in 2018 and 2019. I am hoping to carry on exhibiting my art and I intend to continue to push myself to create artwork that gets better with each piece.

After taking on a full-time position as an ecologist in 2019 my art has had to take a bit of a back seat and I no longer take commissioned work, but I still run my two Etsy shops and enjoy producing new artwork whenever time allows!